Gas List Tubes (galvanised)

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    Gas List Tube

    We stock an extensive range of gas list tubes in a wide range of sizes and lengths.
    Materials are available both as stock bars or processed for prompt delivery.

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Gas List Tubes (galvanised)

Mass 1.000kg/m
Mass 1.450kg/m
Mass 2.060kg/m
Mass 2.650kg/m
Mass 3.350kg/m
Mass 4.240kg/m
Mass 5.910kg/m
Mass 6.950kg/m
Mass 10.000kg/m
Mass 1.260kg/m
Mass 1.630kg/m
Mass 2.490kg/m
Mass 3.210kg/m
Mass 3.690kg/m
Mass 5.180kg/m
Mass 6.630kg/m
Mass 8.600kg/m
Mass 12.500kg/m
Mass 17.000kg/m
Mass 20.200kg/m
Mass 1.490kg/m
Mass 1.930kg/m
Mass 3.020kg/m
Mass 3.900kg/m
Mass 4.500kg/m
Mass 6.340kg/m
Mass 8.120kg/m
Mass 10.500kg/m
Mass 14.800kg/m
Mass 18.300kg/m
Mass 22.070kg/m

* All thicknesses shown are over the plane and do not allow for the depth of the "teardrop" pattern

length could range from 6.1m to 6.4m


Gas list steel tubes are available in 15mm – 150mm bore as standard.

Gas list steel tubes are primarily used for low-pressure applications, handrailing and general fabrication. Gas list steel tubes are available in their natural state or galvanised from stock. The products on this page are for gas list steel tubes that have been galvanised.

We stock an extensive range of gas list steel tubes in mild steel. They are supplied to meet standard BS 1387: 1985.

Our gas list steel tubes are available in 15mm – 150mm bore. The standard lengths supplied are 6 metres to 6.4 metres random lengths.

If what you are looking for is not listed on this page or you require materials to be processed, then please click on custom product and add your requirements or complete our enquiry form.

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