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John Thompson of Tomrods Ltd retires

John Thompson of Tomrods Ltd retires
After 48 years in the steel industry I have decided to retire from my role as managing director of Tomrods Ltd.
The decision was made relatively simple as I have recently been diagnosed with a lymphoma cancer and need to undergo chemotherapy treatment over the next few months.
But I could not just leave the industry without saying goodbye and saying how grateful and lucky I have been to be part of such a success story.
The steel industry is massive and is the backbone of the world's economy today. At times it defies logic, prices going up when they should be going down and vica versa, but it provides some fantastic opportunities and rewards. I started Tomrods in October 1973, I borrowed £50 from my father so I could get a desk, a filing cabinet and a telephone line. Now 45 years later the company owns its own 8.5 acre site in Thirsk, employs 52 full time members of staff, holds over 9000 tonnes of steel in stock and has comprehensive processing facilities. The company has a strong balance sheet and a dedicated board of directors and staff. We have survived many recessions over the years and I fondly remember the 1980 steel strike which nearly bought the country to its knees. The steel industry has been very kind to me but in addition to the financial rewards I have been very lucky to have met so many interesting and good people and I can say that I have also made some brilliant lifelong friendships.
I would like to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to the present directors and staff of Tomrods who have all so enthusiastically and successfully taken over the running of the company. Rest assured Tomrods will not stand still and we have some very exciting long term plans for the future.
I will become the chairman of the company and continue to give advice and guidance when needed, so my 48 years of experience will not be wasted. However  most of my time will be spent fighting the biggest challenge of my life so far, cancer, and I am looking at this positively and hoping for many years of remission.
Finally a big thank you to everyone reading this, our suppliers, our customers and all the friends we have made in the industry over the last 48 years.
Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy 2019.
John Thompson
john thompson