Tomrods continues to invest in the future of our customers.  We now offer the most advanced and extensive range of drilling services available within the UK stockholding market.

Our new generation Vernet Behringer saw/ drill has eighteen automatically interchangeable tool stations and an internal axis providing high speed and accurate processing of:

At Tomrods we recognise the importance of “getting it right first time and on time” for our customers and also that advanced processes require a different way of thinking in comparison to traditional stockholding.

As such we have invested heavily in our people and systems to ensure our customers’ NC/ DSTV details are cross checked to drawings by our engineers prior to production, ensuring that orders arrive correct and also on time so that our customers can truly benefit from fully processed materials.


The internal axis reduces the amount of material movement, not only providing greater efficiency but also producing finished parts at tighter tolerances than traditional drilling machines, effectively reducing lead times, meeting CE legislation and providing cost benefits to our customers.

Capacity Table

 Key benefits:

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