Our fully automated Gietart shot-blasting, painting and drying line is at the centre of our processing facility at Thirsk.

The line includes a 100 m long central conveying system, which can pass plates and structural material 20 metres long and up to 1500 mm wide x 460 mm high at a speed of up to two metres per minute.

The six turbine blasting machine accomplishes this as the steel is preheated to 45 °C to dry off and remove any moisture, dry oxide and rust scale.  The material is then blasted to a SA 2.5 grade surface finish before entering the painting booth.  There is also a “free issue” service so we will be pleased to shot-blast your own material.

Shot-blasted steel is fed into the painting preservation line where four automated spray guns are used for paint spraying and sensors are used to eliminate spraying from one or both flanges of a beam as required.  The steel is finished with a primer coat of approximately 25 microns of dry film, which acts as a transit primer.

We can offer a choice of red, grey and black paint and other colours if there is sufficient demand.

All of our primers are water based, odourless and are environmentally friendly.  A “free issue” service is available so we will be pleased to paint your own material.

For further details of services available at Tomrods please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1845 528 200 or send an email to sales@tomrods.co.uk.