tomrods-quality-cert-headerTomrods Ltd was established in 1973 and has unrivalled experience in the steel stockholding industry.  We are a responsible and forward-thinking company, committed to quality and sustainability at all levels.

The Quality Policy of Tomrods Ltd is to achieve and maintain an excellent level of quality and service for all our work, which will be a guarantee to our customers that the product and services we provide will meet stipulated requirements.  This provides the framework for and includes the establishment and review of quality objectives.  It is essential therefore, that each member of staff, at all levels at Tomrods Ltd performs their tasks correctly, aware of our commitment to quality assurance and the fact that they are making a vital contribution.

Tomrods is ISO 9001:2015 certified by SCCS a UKAS accredited certification body and is totally committed to providing its customers and suppliers with an outstanding service and an enjoyable working relationship.  We actively involve all of our employees in assessing and refining the internal quality systems and take prompt action on what we learn from these.

You can download a copy of Tomrods’ ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate HERE

We also enjoy very close working relationships with both domestic and foreign mills and these supply partners have been carefully selected in order to provide the business with an advantageous ability to also supply quality products of a less commoditised nature.  Material is only sourced from those steel mills that have the appropriate accreditation and certification standards and all material is thoroughly inspected at the time of receipt into our warehousing.

Attracting and retaining excellent employees is also vital for Tomrods’ sustainability.  We value our employees and operate an equal opportunities recruitment, promotion, training and development programme.  We also derive great pleasure in supporting local charities and good causes where appropriate.  The Company ethos is one of continual improvement and customer support through all stages of the supply process.  We are committed to being the preferred supplier in each of the markets we serve.  To this end, our customers are our primary concern.  We aim to not only satisfy them, but also to earn their loyalty through forming long-standing relationships.  We will continue to develop processes for understanding their needs and expectations.  We measure their perception of our services through regular customer satisfaction surveys.

By minimising pollution and waste; improving health and safety; and increasing our competitive edge; Tomrods Ltd has also established itself as a standard bearer for sustainability in our field.