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    Universal Steel Columns

    We stock an extensive range of universal steel columns in a wide range of sizes and lengths.
    Materials are available both as stock bars or processed for prompt delivery.

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Universal Steel Columns

Mass: 23kg/m
Depth: 152.4mm
Width: 152.2mm
Web Thickness: 5.8mm
Flange Thickness: 6.8mm
Mass: 30kg/m
Depth: 157.6mm
Width: 152.9mm
Web Thickness: 6.5mm
Flange Thickness: 9.4mm
Mass: 37kg/m
Depth: 161.8mm
Width: 154.4mm
Web Thickness: 8.0mm
Flange Thickness: 11.5mm
Mass: 44kg/m
Depth: 166.0mm
Width: 155.9mm
Web Thickness: 9.5mm
Flange Thickness: 13.6mm
Mass: 51.2kg/m
Depth: 170.2mm
Width: 157.4mm
Web Thickness: 11mm
Flange Thickness: 15.7mm
Mass: 46.1kg/m
Depth: 203.2mm
Width: 203.6mm
Web Thickness: 7.2mm
Flange Thickness: 11mm
Mass: 52kg/m
Depth: 206.2mm
Width: 204.3mm
Web Thickness: 7.9mm
Flange Thickness: 12.5mm
Mass: 60kg/m
Depth: 209.6mm
Width: 205.8mm
Web Thickness: 9.4mm
Flange Thickness: 14.2mm
Mass: 71kg/m
Depth: 215.8mm
Width: 206.4mm
Web Thickness: 10mm
Flange Thickness: 17.3mm
Mass: 86.1kg/m
Depth: 222.2mm
Width: 209.1mm
Web Thickness: 12.7mm
Flange Thickness: 20.5mm
Mass: 99.6kg/m
Depth: 228.6mm
Width: 210.3mm
Web Thickness: 14.5mm
Flange Thickness: 23.7mm
Mass: 113.5kg/m
Depth: 235mm
Width: 212.1mm
Web Thickness: 16.3mm
Flange Thickness: 26.9mm
Mass: 127.5kg/m
Depth: 241.4mm
Width: 213.9mm
Web Thickness: 18.1mm
Flange Thickness: 30.1mm
Mass: 73.1kg/m
Depth: 254.1mm
Width: 254.6mm
Web Thickness: 8.6mm
Flange Thickness: 14.2mm
Mass: 88.9kg/m
Depth: 260.3mm
Width: 256.3mm
Web Thickness: 10.3mm
Flange Thickness: 17.3mm
Mass: 107.1kg/m
Depth: 266.7mm
Width: 258.8mm
Web Thickness: 12.8mm
Flange Thickness: 20.5mm
Mass: 132kg/m
Depth: 276.3mm
Width: 261.3mm
Web Thickness: 15.3mm
Flange Thickness: 25.3mm
Mass: 167.1kg/m
Depth: 289.1mm
Width: 265.2mm
Web Thickness: 19.2mm
Flange Thickness: 31.7mm
Mass: 96.9kg/m
Depth: 307.9mm
Width: 305.3mm
Web Thickness: 9.9mm
Flange Thickness: 15.4mm
Mass: 117.9kg/m
Depth: 314.5mm
Width: 307.4mm
Web Thickness: 12mm
Flange Thickness: 18.7mm
Mass: 136.9kg/m
Depth: 320.5mm
Width: 309.2mm
Web Thickness: 13.8mm
Flange Thickness: 21.7mm
Mass: 158.1kg/m
Depth: 327.1mm
Width: 311.2mm
Web Thickness: 15.8mm
Flange Thickness: 25mm
Mass: 198.1kg/m
Depth: 339.9mm
Width: 314.5mm
Web Thickness: 19.1mm
Flange Thickness: 31.4mm
Mass: 240kg/m
Depth: 352.5mm
Width: 318.4mm
Web Thickness: 23mm
Flange Thickness: 37.7mm
Mass: 282.9kg/m
Depth: 365.3mm
Width: 322.2mm
Web Thickness: 26.8mm
Flange Thickness: 44.1mm
Mass: 129kg/m
Depth: 355.6mm
Width: 368.6mm
Web Thickness: 10.4mm
Flange Thickness: 17.5mm
Mass: 152.9kg/m
Depth: 362mm
Width: 370.5mm
Web Thickness: 12.3mm
Flange Thickness: 20.7mm
Mass: 177kg/m
Depth: 368.2mm
Width: 372.6mm
Web Thickness: 14.4mm
Flange Thickness: 23.8mm
Mass: 201.9kg/m
Depth: 374.6mm
Width: 374.7mm
Web Thickness: 16.5mm
Flange Thickness: 27mm
Mass: 235.1kg/m
Depth: 381mm
Width: 394.8mm
Web Thickness: 18.4mm
Flange Thickness: 30.2mm
Mass: 287.1kg/m
Depth: 393.6mm
Width: 399mm
Web Thickness: 22.6mm
Flange Thickness: 36.5mm
Mass: 339.9kg/m
Depth: 406.4mm
Width: 403mm
Web Thickness: 26.6mm
Flange Thickness: 42.9mm
Mass: 393kg/m
Depth: 419mm
Width: 407mm
Web Thickness: 30.6mm
Flange Thickness: 49.2mm
Mass: 467Kg/m
Depth: 436.6mm
Width: 412.2mm
Web Thickness: 35.8mm
Flange Thickness: 58mm
Mass: 551kg/m
Depth: 455.6mm
Width: 418.5mm
Web Thickness: 42.1mm
Flange Thickness: 67.5mm
Mass: 633.9kg/m
Depth: 474.6mm
Width: 424mm
Web Thickness: 47.6mm
Flange Thickness: 77mm

* All thicknesses shown are over the plane and do not allow for the depth of the "teardrop" pattern

length could range from 6.1m to 6.4m


Universal steel columns are available in sizes 152 x 152mm – 356 x 406mm in a wide range of kilograms per metre.

Universal steel columns are sometimes referred to as lintels, girders, rolled steel joists, I beams, H beams, I sections and H sections. The vertical “web” and the horizontal “flange” of a universal steel column are very similar in length, with thickness defined by the weight per metre. Universal steel columns are available in their natural state or can be shot-blasted, primed, saw cut, drilled or milled. Tomrods offer these services in-house.

Universal steel columns are often used in agricultural building, construction, fencing and secondary steelwork projects.

We stock an extensive range of universal steel columns in mild steel. They are generally supplied as standard in steel grade S355J0. An upgrading service is available for higher grades.

Our universal steel columns are available in 152 x 152mm to 356 x 406mm in a wide range of kilograms per metre. Our universal steel columns are available in standard lengths of 6.1 metres, 9.5 metres, 10 metres, 11 metres, 12.2 metres, 13 metres, 14 metres, 15.3 metres, 16.5 metres and 18.3 metres. Non-standard length offcuts are also available.

If what you are looking for is not listed on this page or you require materials to be processed, then please click on custom product and add your requirements or complete our enquiry form.

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