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Brexit Deal or No Deal

We sent a statement out earlier this year and other than dates there has been very little change in our position with regards to the protracted negotiation process.

As the government and parliament continue to tear themselves and our constitution apart, we at Tomrods have been looking at the possibility of disruptions to your steel supplies if there is a “no deal“ in place by 31st January 2020.

We are steel stockholders and keep over 9000 tonnes of stock, sufficient for between 3 to 4 months uninterrupted supply into our traditional market and customers. In addition 55% of our steel supplies are sourced within the UK and will be unaffected by Brexit. The remaining steel is sourced from predominantly Northern Europe and is shipped to the UK by vessel. We have spoken to our main suppliers who do not anticipate any disruption in the supply of steel by sea to UK ports.

The only disruption that we can currently foresee is the supply of steel via road as the European Community threaten to put custom checks in place. This may cause delays to supply of perhaps 7/10 days. As only a very small proportion of our steel is supplied via this route we do not believe this will cause any disruption. We may add that the European Community send far more goods to the UK than the UK sends to Europe so, if they do take this action, they will be hurting European companies far more than ourselves.

In summary we do not believe that a “no deal” Brexit will significantly disrupt our ability to supply our traditional market and customers. However we continue to watch developments very closely and will keep you informed of any significant changes that may affect or disrupt our ability to service our customers as efficiently as we do today. We will continue to deliver over 99% of your orders on time and to specification.

If you have any questions please contact our sales department on 01845 528200.