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More specifically ‘Made by James’ is a wonderful range of mugs which have been designed by a young man ie James who lives in the North East of England. James has Autism, a learning disability coupled with a severe speech and language disorder.

James’ family share the passionate belief that despite having such disabilities James ideally needs to enjoy the benefits of meaningful employment in his life. Hence, James’ family decided that the way forward was for them to create a safe, fun, cool and interesting workplace for James where they could explore his interests, strengths and creative talents. James’ Land of Ooh was born. In short James paints artwork onto mugs and textiles using a process called sublimation.

We’re sure that you will agree that as shown in the image below the batch of bespoke wagon painted mugs that James created for Tomrods are very eye-catching indeed.


So next time you come to see us at Tomrods you can be sure that we’ll still be welcoming all visitors with the offer of a great brew of Yorkshire tea (or coffee if you prefer) but now routinely served to you in a designer Tomrods painted wagon mug fashioned by James of the Land of Ooh!

More details about ‘Made by James’ and James’ Land of Ooh can be found HERE